Bursary Program


The CIBPA, through its Education Bursary Program, is proud to support students of Italian heritage in all fields of study, as well as non-Italians enrolled in Italian studies curriculums.

To be considered by the Bursary Selection Committee, a candidate must:

  1. Be a full-time college and/or university student at the undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate level.
  2. Have successfully completed a minimum of 12 years of study.
  3. Answer each of the questions on the bursary application form and submit the application form, along with the required supporting documentation.
  4. Provide, if requested by the CIBPA Selection Committee, verification of information included in the financial section of the application form (i.e. net income for the last income tax year).
  5. Enclose each of the following support documentation with the completed application form:
    • A complete official transcript of marks as of October 2019. These transcripts must be forwarded directly to the CIBPA by the educational institution awarding these marks.
    • Proof of admission that the student has been officially accepted for full-time studies at a recognized college or university for the school year for which this application is made.
    • A passport-size photo.

To obtain a copy of our Education Bursary Application Form, please click the link above. For additional information, or to have a copy of the form sent to someone think would be a good candidate for the program, please contact:

Bursary Selection Committee
CIBPA Bursary Program
901 Lawrence Ave West, Suite 202
Toronto, Ontario M6A 1C3