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$1 Million Campaign – Update

The Canadian Italian community has always viewed education and community service as the road map to a better career and life in Canada. The CIBPA took on this challenge by helping with community based fundraising for charitable causes and providing bursaries and scholarships to Canadian Italian students so they could get the head start required to prosper as Canadians. 

On September 8, 2011 CIBPA Toronto and the CIBPA Foundation launched an official campaign to expand our education outreach program. The purpose of the campaign was to reach a cumulative total of $1 million for bursaries and scholarships.  

On November 16, 2017 the Foundation distributed $26,500 to 19 deserving students and an additional $24,000 was distributed to 16 deserving students directly through endowments with York University, University of Toronto and Ryerson University.

Since the start of our program the Foundation has distributed or established an endowment to an estimated $790,000. Over 937 students received a CIBPA bursary or scholarship. I am pleased to say that we only need $210, 000 more to reach our $1 million target.

Report on Endowments

The following is the Endowment Financial Report for 2017:

York University 

Seven named endowments with interest, in the amount of $363,291

  • CIBPA Past Presidents and Ladies Auxiliary – $135,532
  • CIBPA Ladies Auxiliary - $38,509
  • Jackie and Elio Rosati - $37,256
  • Jackie Rosati - $35,867
  • Ralph and Rose Chiodo - $37,256
  • Martinrea International – Danny Infusino - $42,983
  • Anthony and Jesua Gagliano - $35,888
  • Ryerson University
  • Ralph and Rose Chiodo / Ted Rogers School of Business Management for Entrepreneurship endowment of $50,000 will provide ongoing bursaries for students in need.
  • University of Toronto
  • Mario and Silvana Paura / University of Toronto a $50,000 endowment (equivalent*) will provide ongoing bursaries for students in need.These bursaries and scholarships do come with strings attached. Our expectation are for these students to stay in touch with the CIBPA. As CIBPA student alumni we hope that with personal prosperity that they too will financially contribute to the Foundation to help a student in need.
  • I have had the privilege of reading letters from past recipients and can assure you that we are making a difference.
  • The estimated $463,291 in endowments will provide ongoing bursaries and scholarships to deserving students.



The CIBPA Education Foundation Bursary is open to full-time college and/or university students at the undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate levels who are Canadian citizens or Landed Immigrants permanently residing in Canada, and are of Italian origin. It also provides assistance for students who are not of Italian heritage, if they are in Italian studies. 


Applications for 2018 scholarships will be accepted after August 30, 2018. 


If you are interested in learning more about the program or would like to make a contribution please call the CIBPA Toronto office at 416 782-4445



With kind regards,


Bob Sacco          
President CIBPA Education Foundation